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The Natur Park Südgelände has two circuits that are accessible to the disabled. On the "Small Circuit" of about 1 kilometre in length, relics from the railway era can be seen: the approximately 50-metre-high water tower, which is now the landmark of the park, the old turntable - one of the oldest in Germany - which used to be used to bring the locomotives into position, and even a historic class 50 steam locomotive built in 1940.

The "Great Circuit" is 2.7 kilometres long and leads through the nature reserve, which makes up about one sixth of the park area. In order to interfere with nature as little as possible, the path leads through the area over a slightly raised steel walkway. In the nature reserve, visitors can experience both the different development phases of the forest and the extensive open areas. These species-rich dry grasslands unfold their full splendour in July, when yellow sand-strawflowers and the rare hawkweeds appear. A little later, the brilliant yellow evening primroses blossom.

The "Great Circuit" connects the dry grasslands of the central clearing with the robinia forest and the valley path. Connected to the "Great Circuit" is the sunbathing lawn at the dilapidated signal box. Benches and a swing invite you to linger here. The Tälchenweg leads back to the entrance. It follows the old long-distance railway line of the Saxony-Anhalt railway and lies lower than the rest of the terrain. This makes it a shady hollow path. At the edge of the Tälchenweg is a former retaining wall that graffiti artists can legally use as a canvas from Monday to Saturday from 3 pm.

A visit to the Natur Park Südgelände is worthwhile at any time of year. From early summer to autumn, a diverse play of colours takes place in the forest and on the meadows. As early as April, the first blossoming fruit trees are noticeable in the Tälchenweg. Those who visit the grounds at the end of May can experience the wild rose blossom, which transforms the old railway station into a pink fairytale landscape.